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About Me

I am an imperfect and fallible Christian who tries to follow Jesus the best I can and just about all the time I must rely on His grace and mercy! As a bored ex-engineer, I analyze and over think EVERYTHING! I have tried to write some minor things that you will find on this website. I in NO WAY think I am better than anyone else or think I have it all figured out. I try, as difficult as it might be, to be humble and respect the fact, that there is a God, and I am not Him.

I am a retired Engineer after 24 years. Was forced into retirement after the ever-increasing pain, as a result of a battle with Bone Cancer, grew to be too much. So, into retirement/boredom I went. I do side work when possible, so if you are interested in what I can do or help, refer to my Work section on this website.

I'm an old musician from the 70's and during my battle with bone cancer I tried to write songs, more as a effort to fill the sleepless nights. These songs represent my journey through my medical struggles and have become quite personal to me years later. Written on old 4 track cassette tape recorder I was extremely limited. I had always hoped to finish and refine the songs with better musicians, but that never happened. So, do not expect much.  

In the end, I am a man that has made more than my share of mistakes and have had more than my share of struggles! I can be very empathetic to those that struggle in just about any way. Usually, something in the stories in people that struggle I can relate to or correlate to struggles I’ve had. So, I find that I will gravitate to those that suffer or struggling. In the Bible Jesus referred these people to “The Least of These”.

I am so grateful to my wife and 3 kids for their patience and love through all these years.  

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